PV grid connect inverter

PV grid connect inverter


?Technical Features:?
Easy-setting multilingual LCD display panel
High reliability with full protective functions
Protection for overvoltage, islanding, overload, overheating, etc.
Have multilingual MPPT. >99.9% MPPT efficiency
It’s aluminum housing makes it very compact, robust and light in weight.
Protection Type: IP 65(outdoor)
Maximum Conversion Efficiency?95.6% ?With transformer)
Wide DC input voltage range
CE ,VDE0126certification
?application area?
Goverment demonstration project
Green power generation
Home power station
The manufacturer of battery test the aging of electrical load
Power plants, substation, telecommunication room dc panel inverter discharge

Product Origin: China
Model Number:
Brand Name: ThinkSun

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Company Name: Jiangsu ThinkSun New Energy Co,.LTD
Contact Person: Tracy Song
Address: 2 Hongli Rd,Jiangning Binjiang Development Area,Nanjing,211199,China
Zip: 211199
Telephone: 0086-25-66083052
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E-mail: thinksunpower@163.com
Website: http://sdxn168.tradeee.com

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